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We currently offer IT training courses: Business Analysis Foundations & UX/UI Designer.


Business Analysis Course

NTELEGENCE Training LLC is excited to introduce a one of a kind Business Systems Analyst Training program

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Data Analyst Training

NTELEGENCE Training LLC is excited to introduce a one of a kind Data Analyst Training Training program

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UX-UI & Front-End Designer

NTELEGENCE Training LLC is excited to introduce her newest course and one of a kind UX/UI Front End Designer program

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Who is a Business Systems Analyst?

Business systems analysts review computers and computer programs used by a company and advise business stakeholders on ways to make processes more efficient and employees more productive. Typically employed by medium and large corporations, they require a certain level of business acumen coupled with technical knowledge.

Program Summary

This program is geared towards all individuals seeking real world Business Analysis skills, with hands-on tool based projects, in addition to learning in-demand IT skills like SQL, Data Analysis, and Report Writing.
The program is broken down into 2 main sections, the initial section design to introduce you to the fundamental terminologies associated with Business Analysis, while exposing you to real-world BA centered tools like Atlassian JIRA. The second section of the course exposes you to IT Data Analysis skills using SQL, leveraging RDBMS like SQL Server and SharePoint Application development platform.

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