SQL Server DBA Interview Questions & Answers

1) What is Windows Cluster?

Clustering can be best described as a technology that automatically allows one physical server to take over the tasks and responsibilities of another physical server that has failed. The obvious goal behind this, given that all computer hardware and software will eventually fail, is to ensure that users running mission-critical applications will have very less downtime when such a failure occurs.

2) What is a Cluster Node?

A cluster node is a server within the cluster, and it has Windows Server and the Cluster service installed.

3) What is Cluster Service?

The cluster service manages all the activity that is specific to the cluster. One instance of the cluster service runs on each node in the cluster. The cluster service does the following

  • Manages Cluster Objects and Configurations
  • Manages the local restart policy
  • Coordinates with other instances of the cluster service in the cluster
  • Handles event notification
  • Facilitates communication among other software components
  • Performs failover operations

4) What is called a Resource in Windows cluster?

A resource is a physical or logical entity, which has below properties:

  • Can be brought online and taken offline
  • Can be managed in the failover cluster
  • Can be owned by only one node at a time

To manage resources, Cluster service communicates with a resource DLL through Resource Monitor.

5) What are the different states of a Resource in Windows cluster?

All resources can have following states

  • Offline
  • Offline_Pending
  • Online
  • Online_Pending
  • Failed

6) What is a Cluster Group?

Conceptually, a cluster group is a collection of logically grouped cluster resources. It may contain cluster-aware application services, such as SQL Server Group, File Server.

7) What is Public Network?

A public network (also called as External network) provides client systems with access to cluster application services and IP address resources are created on networks that provide clients access to cluster services.

March 22, 2016

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